Bloggers invited to Toyota Auris media launch

In what we think is a first in SA, we have succeeded in getting a couple of bloggers invited to the media launch of the Toyota Auris in Durban.

Mike and I have been working on the Auris blog project for a while – and are impressed with the open-mindedness that Toyota has shown in social media and the attitude of ‘lets go for it’. Think about it, the motoring journo’s are a tight bunch – and now there will be some strange outsiders from ‘publications’ that they have never heard of attending their prized event. Kudos to Toyota for creating a little disruption to the status quo.

Attending the launch in Durban today are Carl Nienaber of the Blog, Durban blogger – Marc Forrest and our own Aston Martin driving Mike Stopforth. Charl Norman and/or his team from were also going to attend, but last minute schedule hiccups scuppered their involvement. Next time.

I look forward to getting the nuts and bolts detail from behind the scenes. Follow Mike’s trip on the Auris Blog from later today. I’m sure the Marc and Carl will also add to the mix during the week.

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