The best 100 Web 2.0 Apps has great survey going at the moment.

It asked for nominations for entries into the Webware 100 – the best 100 Web 2.0 apps/sites on the web. All the nominations have been whittled down to 250 ‘possibles’.

Now, web users are being asked to vote for their best in each category – and these include Browsing, Communications, Community, Data, etc. The top 10 in each category will make up the Webware 100.

The great thing about the site is that it that it is firstly a Who’s Who of Web 2.0 and secondly its got a basic profile of each finalist.

The usual suspects are there – Widsets, Meebo, Firefox, StumbleUpon, et al. But the most fun is derived from exploring the ones that I’ve never heard of….like Tangler, a social network for discussing Web 2.0. Imagine that.

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