The perfect phone

Ok – I’ll do one post on phone hardware in contravention of my previous post.

I’m using a couple of phones at the moment (one for each network) – and the experience is vastly different to say the least.

They are:

This has got me thinking. Each of them has great features, but equally, each is hamstrung by something. So what would I want in the ultimate phone – the perfect phone for me.

I use my phone all day, need real email capabilities, want super-fast connectivity. So, phone manufacturers – here’s my wishlist:

The Form

  • The thinness and feel of the D900 – the sound of the slider snapping closed is fantastic
  • Usability of the widely acclaimed QWERTY keyboard of the Blackberry – but, that slides sideways like the HTC P4350, iMate JASJAM, and Samsung F700
  • Large clear screen with the resolution and sophistication of the Apple iPhone’s 320 x 480 pixel, 3.5 inch, 16m colour touchscreen marvel
  • The legendary battery life of the Nokia 6680 – like 10 days standby
  • HSDPA (up to 3.6 or 7.2 Mbps), Wifi g+n and the range of GSM data ranges (GPRS & EDGE) + Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 (and eventually when Wireless USB is available – that too please)
  • 8GB on board solid-state memory/capacity – like the Apple iPhone
  • I’m in two minds about a camera. A 2-3MP is probably all you need for happy snaps.
  • Card slot for expandable memory
  • Decent speakerphone
  • Some sort of clickwheel – like SonyEricsson’s one on the P Series

The Features

  • An OS that is super quick (meaning that it also needs a decent processor), that actually responds when you press a button like the D900 does – the delay is one of the main gripes that many people have with many of the new phones. Especially Nokia’s original phones in the N-Series.
  • The option of both full web browsing that Opera Mobile offers, and typical dumbed down mobile browsing that Opera Mini or even a WAP 2.0 browser offers.
  • Full feature, push email like Blackberry does – that integrates with Exchange, Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, etc) without major server-side installation requirements.
  • Viewer and basic editor for Word, Excel, PPT and PDF Reader
  • Decent iPod-like music and video player
  • Widget enabled – like Opera Mobile allows
  • The predictive text of the Motorola MPx220
  • Ability to have permanently connected IM – ie its always on in the background, even during calls.
  • All this – and it must still fit into your pocket and not be a brick.

Phones that come close:

That’s enough for now. Apple is close – remains to be seen how OS X handles on a phone. Samsung, Nokia, HTC and iMate all seem to be moving in the right direction.

What have I missed – and what would you want?

* Update – The number keypad/QWERTY keyboard conflict has been solved. You really do need a traditional keypad to make it function like a phone. So – phone designers…what we need is a two-directional sliding mechanism – where the screen slides up like a Samsung D900 to reveal the number keypad. To reveal the QWERTY keyboard, a thin layer slides slideways like the Samsung F700. Obviously, only one keyboard can be revealed at once. And – here it is.

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2 responses to “The perfect phone

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  2. Hey Angus, what an awesome post,
    it’s like u’ve been reading my mind? all along,
    i’ve been searching the perfect, and all seem to have similar functionalities, but so far, i’ve been impressed by the N91, so i thought may be u could also mentioned it?
    thanx Angus, that’s a fantastic post !!

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