Things I noticed this week

In memory of using blogs as they were initially intended – as journals/diaries, I am going to try it out in the theme of ‘What I noticed this week’.

  1. WTF is with the Kiwi rugby players and their bushy mullet hairstyles – think Caleb Ralph from the Crusaders? He’s like Billy Ray Cyrus meets Joey Rasdien
  2. Has anyone traveled to an airport recently that does not feel like a construction site?
  3. The Sports Cafe in Domestic Departures at Cape Town International Airport must be the worst restaurant in the country. Lousy service, questionable food (their chicken strips look and taste like hake) and the grubbiness factor (that greasy, grimy film on every surface) makes for a dodgy final stop before escaping to Joburg.
  4. Some advice – only subscribe to podcasts that you really want to (and have the time to) listen to – they are bandwidth hogs and wasteful if you don’t listen to them. They also stack up quickly if you don’t listen to them – and end up being like those nagging varsity assignments that you were avoiding.
  5. The Tim Modise Show SMS poll has been a fantastic display of 3 things – viral communication, the power of SMS/mobile phones and topics that people are passionate about. Its also the start of a groundswell. A plea for action directed at the Ivory Tower.

Makes you think, doesn’t it. Later.

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2 responses to “Things I noticed this week

  1. The airports are a mess and Oxford road chaos is getting to me too. but rumour has it that jeff radebe knows what he’s doing 😉

    “things I noticed” could be a great feature for your blog – I think people like journal blogging more than they willing to admit!

  2. Hi Carls. That’s the plan with Things I noticed’… The best thing about it, is that it makes you take note of things… I’ll add it as a category.

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