FNB’s anti-crime campaign – Go FNB!

Some big business activity has created some big noise about crime.

FNB has nailed their colours to the mast (in addition to their support of Homecoming Revolution, SA – The Good News and others). They too are fed up with crime and are wanting to make a difference by sending a clear message to Thabo Mbeki – by the public sending their crime experiences/stories to Mbeki, in the hope that the Presidency would sit up and take note. Sounds like a great idea. Well – that’s until the politicians got involved.

This is what the final paragraph says:

“Mr. President, I know you love this country as much as I do, so please make crime our Government’s Number 1 priority. As a committed South African I will be right behind you – because as our Nation’s history has shown, there’s nothing we can’t achieve when we work together.”

Doesn’t seem much wrong with that message.

Here is the Sunday Times article.
Here is the Campaign Briefing.
Here is the copy of the pamphlet.
Here is the TV ad script.

If the pressure included threats to move government accounts from FNB, their involvement with other big-business groups and the future treatment by the power brokers – then they would obviously need to consider the impact on their business, its staff and shareholders.

My view is that FNB needs massive support for this campaign – opening of new accounts, positive press, positive support in the blogs. Good on them to have the intention – pity them for the strong arming.

Look forward to the reincarnation of the campaign – hopefully it won’t be watered down into a sloppy bowl of porridge.

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