Overheated product placement: James Bond 007 in Ford Royale or is it Casino Jaguar

When you get that strange, nagging feeling while watching a movie – you know something just isn’t right. And it becomes a distraction. The culprit – Casino Royale (IMDB link).

The first time you get this sense is when Bond arrives in the Bahamas and drives the new Ford Mondeo as his hire car. The shot is very similar to the stock-standard car tv ad shot that pans around the vehicle – almost like the Ford Ad Agency decided how to shoot that scene. Bond in a Mondeo?

Then it all falls apart from there. Every scene thereafter is a spread of the Ford brands – the car parks, the car chases and crashes, the hotel valet shots, even the police cars – all a Ford Inc sales lot.

So – we have the aforementioned new (purpose-built) Mondeo, Range Rovers and its bling Range Rover Sport cousin, Volvos galore, too many Jaguars, and of course the obligatory Aston Martin – the new DBS.

The product placement extends blatantly to Sony. Well obviously – why not, its a Sony Pictures Entertainment production! – with SonyEricsson phones being the mobile gadget of choice and every computer and laptop being a Sony Vaio (a Sony Memory Stick make a show too). Of course, there must have been a couple Bravia TV’s around – although I seem to recall one TV was a Samsung (the Props Master would have been fired coz of that slip-up).

Product placement is here to stay – but this is crazy. If you were the producers would you do the Ford gig for a reported $25million?

Parting shot – I wonder if Richard Branson paid for his product placement – the product? Himself. Seems so.

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2 responses to “Overheated product placement: James Bond 007 in Ford Royale or is it Casino Jaguar

  1. I noticed that too, which means it must have been blatant!

    Did you notice the continuity errors too? Another first for me. For example, why would they tie the girl down in the road, almost sure to be driven over and killed, when they wanted her alive to get the bank details from her.

    Still, I thought it was one of the best bond films, a welcome change from the recent drek.

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