Hillary Clinton joins the race – social media’s big day

The language that Hillary has been using points clearly to a slew of social media consultants/strategists being involved in the next presidential race.

‘Join me for a conversation’ is her warcry. And its great to see. It is commonly used social media terminology and has its roots in the Cluetrain Manifesto.

Her site includes the social media/networking features that you’d expect – Plan an Event, Find Events, Be a Guest Blog Writer, Build our Base, Raise Money, Video Posts, and more….

This may be the big kick that social media needs to head into the mainstream. Although the candidates have massive budgets – they all realise that the cost of creating and distributing user & self generated media (Al Gore style) via the internet (including the mobile web) leaves a lot more money to reach more potential voters in the hinterland.

Although John Edwards used the internet well in his previous campaign – the time seems right for online activity to be bigger, more vocal and more significant for each of the candidates.

So we can look forward to podcasts, blogs, videos and social networking that generate debate, provoke thought and downright  annoy their competitor candidates and their vast supporter bases/camps. Extend this online interest to campaign funding initiatives – and we may have worldwide financial contributions to the candidates of choice. A couple of dollars through PayPal from a few million people from around the world would not be scoffed at.

The blogosphere, its sister the podosphere and YouTube are going to be awash with this content over the next 2 years – and this exposure might just be what it takes the corporate world to sit up and take note.

It might also make the next SA Presidential race more interesting. Jacob, Helen – looking for some social media help?

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