Apple jams the phone market

After months of speculation the iPhone has arrived. Steve Jobs announced what will be The Product of 2007 – within the first 9 days of the year.

True to Apple form – its spectacular. The key points:

  • It has no buttons
  • It is one big screen that is smart to the touch
  • Has a 2 megapixel camera
  • It really is a multi-media device that brings talking, browsing, listening to music and watching videos/movies together in a form factor that looks sensational
  • Its slim – 11.6mm slim
  • The UI looks amazingly smart and intuitive
  • It integrates with iTunes – NOTE to SA Music Industry: Stop stuffing around and get iTunes into South Africa. Enough is enough. Alternatively – stop bitching about people using where they WANT to pay!
  • Runs OS X
  • Has widgets – like Google Maps and Yahoo Mail (Blackberry-like push) embedded.
    • This is going to be fun for developers that want to create useful, visually rich apps
  • A full browser!
  • A screen large enough to enjoy video on

Now – a few things need to happen.

  1. MTN or Vodacom need to get moving – sign up Apple now as the exclusive network provider
  2. The phone will be released in Europe in Q4 of 2007 – so we should see it in SA for Christmas
  3. This should give Apple and the Music Industry enough time to get their act together
  4. By the time the first ones get to Europe – the bugs and teething problems should have been resolved
  5. Version 2 should include 3G or HSDPA to make it an absolute killer device
  6. My big question comes to battery life. Steve says:
    1. “We’ve managed to get 5 hours of battery of talk time, video, and browsing. 16 hours of audio playback.” I hope so.
    2. 2 hot swappable batteries would be cool. I suspect it is a sealed unit though.
  7. Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia – this is your wake-up call. Windows Mobile – yours too.
  8. Just as Apple revolutionised the MP3 and online music industries – this could do the same for the top-end mobile phone market.

Engadget covered the entire keynote from MacWorld here – live! Kudos to you.

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