Getting the wrong thing wrong

I was watching TV tonight and saw an ad for Bio-Strath.

From the voice-over and the little information that is shown on-screen it seems that it helps children with concentration and learning/studying – with stats like 80% children tested showed improvement etc…

In the final shot – the masthead copy has the following words in bold, large text:

Learning Disabillities

For a company selling a product that helps concentration and learning – pity they got the copy, review and approval process for this ad so wrong. Disabilities has only 1 ‘l’. Although this could be perceived as petty (as I have probably made spelling and grammar errors in my blog posts), when you are on national television selling a product like this – then disabilities is the wrong word to spell incorrectly.

I wonder if a course of BioStrath would help…

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2 responses to “Getting the wrong thing wrong

  1. Great blog Angus – glad to have found it.

    Well spotted on that ad, i think its indiciative of how tv advertising has become a melting pot of crap in its dying days!!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the feedback. TV needs to mount a comeback – and I think 2007 may see some interesting campaigns that try some new cross platform ideas – hope so.


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