Rocketboom to ABC

Amanda Congdon, the sexy, sassy ex-host of Rocketboom has surfaced in the mainstream. She now has her own weekly show on

For those who are not familiar with Rocketboom, it is a 3 minute video blog that covers a wide range of topics in a simple, enjoyable comedic manner. From a struggling actress in 2004 to a network TV presenter and show host (albeit minor slots), is great evidence of the power that good quality, freely distributed content can wield.

Amanda was replaced by equally sexy and sassy pom – Joanne Colan after a nasty split with her business partner and producer Andrew Baron. Is suppose Amanda and Joanne can join Amber and Natali (the now exTechCrunch writer) as hot tech/web babes.

Let the podcasting, vodcasting (video blogging, vidcasting, vlogging or whatever odd name it goes by now) and blogging worlds continue to unearth talent that has never had the right contacts, the means or the luck to hit the mainstream. Although, maybe this is not the main mainstream that big media is used to – its the alternative mainstream – the YouTube, Digg,, Technorati and muti mainstream. The one that doesn’t answer to the authoritarian, controlling, staid and boring corporate master (seems like Yahoo has left mostly untouched).

As with most things, these initiatives started off small – with one show, one blog, or one podcast – and have grown to the point where consolidation or acquisition (sellout if you are on the other side) have been the natural progression for growth, funding or exit (read: big cash).

The emergence of these alternative media networks is encouraging, with some of the significant Tech/Web ones being (links to their Wikipedia articles for great overviews/histories and relevant links):

  1. TWiT TV (link to emerged from Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech podcast
  2. Gawker Media emerged from the Gawker Blog
  3. Weblogs Inc (started by Jason Calacanis)
  4. The TechCrunch Network emerged from Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch Blog (link to TechCrunch blog)
  5. & the Diggnation Podcast/Show have the makings of a large news media co (without the beer in the Diggnation podcast).
  6. On a much smaller scale, the Podvine Network emerged from The Web 2.0 Show. (Direct links)

There must be many more. Add them to the comments section.

So – many great things have small beginnings. But in those small beginnings are big dreams, outrageous visions, many late nights & endless frustration all balanced by the stamina to get through. As for South Africa, I see the same thing happening here in the next 18-24 months – and I also know where I’d place my bets.

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