The Relevance of Web 2.0 Debated – Part 2

I was chatting to Aiden Choles about my Web 2.0 and banks post on Friday and he reminded me of something that I hadn’t got to in the first post. The internal application of Web 2.0 and its community components in large organisations – in this case banks.

Now – in a bank with 20-30k employees, there is certainly some wisdom in that crowd (we hope). No, really – banks often have some of the brightest minds around. Harness that and you can really make some impact.

Consider how the much maligned, seriously expensive and oft underutilised corporate intranet (or extranet) could be given a real reason for existence and participation by adding Enterprise 2.0 to it. Picture the smoke-break chatter that would warm the hearts of HR, IT and Management – “have you logged into inBankSite today?”

One of the telling posts from Mike Stopforth:

“IBM CEO Samuel Palmisano has announced what he calls an Innovation Jam – an attempt to come up with new business and product ideas by leveraging the collective intelligence of IBM’s 100,000-strong crowd

According to Yahoo! Business, IBM has “used these online brainstorming sessions to mine for new business opportunities in 2001, to exchange ideas about good management in 2002, and to discuss IBM values in 2003″ – this is not a new idea, but is unique in that IBM is looking for ideas from clients, suppliers, consultants, resellers, employee family members, etc. They are going
open source with innovation – 2 x 72 hour sessions in which stakeholders pump ideas into the system – “IBM won’t own any of the nuggets that emerge” – but are willing to put up to $100 million behind the strongest concepts.”

Convinced yet Jeff?

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