Congratulations to you, and you, and yes, you too(b)

Time mag’s 25th December edition has you as the Person of the Year. Yip – its us, all of us sad sacks that sit glued to the keyboard and mouse when the sun shines and we should be playing with our kids or dogs or both. Well done to us and our contribution to the contributed economy, the wisdom of us, the collective vision, the millions of citizen journo’s, videographers and closet soapboxers.

On a serious note however, this marks the recognition that things are a changing in the connected world. It hasn’t really made an impact where the real issues are like Iraq, Darfur and Zimbabwe – but maybe its power can be harnessed for more noble quests like these instead of the scramble for the top of the Digg pile. Although – it may be that exact scramble that can make the difference – make the words of the unheard heard.

Pete Cashmore at Mashable has a good post about it.

Oh, and remember that YouTube is already Invention of the Year.

Kudos to everyone that has ever done anything on the internet – coz this one goes out to you.

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