Crazy Smartmob event in Toronto

Have a look at this video – its a 1200 people ‘Capture the Flag’ game played in Downtown Toronto.

You’ll see people furiously tapping away at their cellphones – probably getting or giving directions. Can’t really see an event like this happening in South Africa. We’d probably be arrested for organising/participating in an illegal gathering.

It was organsised by a fantastic ‘interactive public art, creative cultural interventions and urban bliss dissemination’ agency called Newmindspace.

Some of the other strange, spirited and wild things they do: mass bubble blowing, public pillow fights (with hundreds of people, and millions of feathers), train parties, pubic event notices (like PostIt notes pasted around a city for Mothers Day). Have a look at thier site for more….

The sad thing about SA is that we don’t really have an urban/downtown environment with safe public transport that most of these things need. Come the Gautrain!

Now – the challenge for them is to remain art, without commercialising their activity to the extent that it would drive their loyal participants away – most of whom look like they would not be out of place at a Greenpeace Rally or anti-G8 demonstration.

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