Talk Radio + Podcasting = Talkcasting? Hello Talkshoe

Amber Mac (on MySpace) and Leo Laporte (on MySpace) have canned their Inside the Net podcast which focused on interviewing Web 2.0 entrepreneurs. But the replacement is just as good – and very novel.

Picture this – Talk Radio meeting Podcasting. Using a new service called Talkshoe, Amber and Leo have added a different and thoroughly enjoyable show to the TWiT Network. Talkshoe allows the hosts to record a podcast, while listeners can call in live (via phone or PC) to listen to the show – with some coming ‘on-air’ live to pose questions. There is also a live chat (IM) facility that enables fans to interact with the hosts/each other. Obviously, shows need to be scheduled, so listeners know when they can call in. Now you can see why it takes on the feeling of a talk radio show.

This would be fantastic for a station like 702 when a guest or topic needs more airtime, but the rigidity of broadcast radio would not allow it.

It requires a small client-side download which then allows you to listen, participate in or host a show. So, if you are awake next Sunday at about 4am SA time, then call in…
Phone Number:
+1 (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 3185

Its good to see this kind of innovation. It is a great addition to the podcasting world. Oh, sorry – as Leo suggested, they should be called Netcasts.

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