A380 comes to the Bush

‘It was like a block of flats coming in to land’.

That’s the description from someone I heard on Talk Radio 702. An excellent description of the A380’s first landing in South Africa – at OR Tambo International Airport in Joburg.

We got to the offramp on the N12 at about 7:20 this morning and were the first there. By 8 it was like the East Rand Mall parking lot. Coffee flasks, deck chairs, chicken sarmies and lots of oohs and aahs were the order of the day. It was also bitterly cold.

In the photos you can see the masses gathered below the runway and along the highway – the Metro Cops were great – participating in the excitement and not being anal about traffic laws.

Coming over the N12 Final moments before touchdown

It certainly landed with a thud and a massive cloud of smelly rubber smoke – but that didnt matter as it received a rousing cheer when it touched down.

I then watched it taking off from the onramp to the R21 from Atlas Road at a few minutes after 10. Another traffic circus – but who cares. The behemoth was airborne with plenty of runway still in reserve. An impressive sight – and sheer admiration and awe of those engines and wings. Here are some facts and figures about it.

Its amazing the enthusiasm that people will show for this kind of event. Good to see.

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