Is TWiT on the way out?

Leo LaPorte hints that the flagship show of the TWiT network may end soon.

I think that the blogosphere has got a little ahead of itself here. Leo is probably a little miffed that no-one showed up, and needed to clear his head/vent some frustration.

Also – probably said this so that the no-shows for the TWiTcast bear a little of the brunt that he will be feeling after letting the TWiT Army down.

If you read the posts on that relate to this – there are far too many people that have are not being sensible – such as wanting to cancel their dontations, etc. Calm please.

Leo has too much riding on the flagship show to let it die or even for him to deliberately kill it. Take a break Leo – see you, John, Will, Paul, Patrick and Molly back when its time. Oh, and please don’t bring Jerry back.

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