Who are these people?

Who are these people that drift around aimlessly in the middle lane of the N3, N1, N12 – going too slowly to be in the middle lane, too erratic to be sober, too dangerous to be on the road at all.

Funny thing is that they are not drunk, they are not blue-rinse 80 year olds, they are not blind, they do not have a rugby team scrumming in the back seat. Then what is the reason for the driving rot? Its their damned cellphones – and they are not even talking on them!

In the past few weeks – I can’t help notice the number of people sending SMS messages while they are driving! What the…WTF. This is far more serious than talking while driving – imagine trying to manage a 1.5 ton vehicle travelling at 100kph with cars, trucks and taxi’s whizzing past while you are trying to get some erratic predictive text feature to get the word Hartebeespoort into your next message.

Hmm – time for a Flickr Group that outs all the rubbish drivers we have in Joburg. Then pray that Metro Police use that as a source of inspiration to get on duty, off the alternative payroll and protect the weary, nervous, honest road users.

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