I was sent a link for Trendhunter by Jennifer from Sett Consulting.

Its a great source of information for anyone interested in trends, design, innovation and whats happening in other parts of the world.

Looks like it has most of the web2.0 staples that are important – favourites, feeds, rating, linking to friends, etc. But – there’s a problem.

One of the key guidelines of the new new web is simplicity of design and focus on usability. There is just too much to deal with on the Trendhunter pages – and you tend to get overwhelmed by the 4 different navigation options.

I’ve signed up – and will start being a Trendhunter. I’ll see if the value and experience outweighs my overly critical eye. If horrid design works on MySpace, then a little clutter on Trendhunter may not be too bad.

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