All this talk about Web2.0

The key concepts of Web2.0 are fundamentally based on the original talk that Tim O’Reilly gave at the first Web 2.0 conference.

Thanks to Wikipedia for this extract:

  • ‘the Web as a platform
  • data as the driving force
  • network effects created by an architecture of participation
  • innovation in assembly of systems and sites composed by pulling
    together features from distributed, independent developers (a kind of
    “open source” development)
  • lightweight business models enabled by content and service syndication
  • the end of the software adoption cycle (the perpetual beta)
  • software above the level of a single device, leveraging the power of The Long Tail.

So what could this mean in South Africa? And how does it affect business? And what can be done? So – for a 10 minute challenge: what Web 2.0 application can I come up with that is an example of all of the above.

Minute 1
As the event organsier or the headline sponsor, start where the right people and right money meet to start the mashup.

Minute 2

  1. Take an event like Woodstock
  2. List it on and/or
  3. Create a Flickr Group for photos from the event and use in your website.
  4. Create a competition that links to for video creation and sharing (especially suited for videos shot on mobile phones) – embed this into your website.
  5. Use the Google Maps API or Google Earth API and overlay the photo and video content. Present this on your website.
  6. Create a YouTube Group for Woodstock
  7. Add the best of the Eyespot (or alternatively submitted videos) to YouTube
  8. Run a competition for the best Woodstock Video as voted for by the public (not only attendees of the concert)

Minute 9

  1. Ensure everything is RSS enabled
  2. Get the mobile numbers of all attendees
  3. Promote the competition at before Woodstock, Woodstock, and after Woodstock.

Minute 10
So what’s been achieved?
The sponsors get street cred, the concert goers have fun, attendees create content for you, you get blogged everywhere, and you can enter into ongoing dialog with new and potential customers. You get bigger turnout next year.

That was fun. Maybe more to come in the future.

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