Double Standards – the Weekend Distraction

Today’s Sunday Times had an article about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) being innudated with complaints – citing one of the reasons for this deluge being the increased access to email! Funny that.

The real point of this post? Driving along William Nichol Highway between Bryanston and Grosvenor Roads there is a series of huge Triumph underwear billboards sporting scantily clad models with the clever but predictable suggestive copy – ‘License to Thrill’, ‘Asset Management’, etc. Most of them are positioned parallel to the road – so either you hope you are stuck in traffic or endanger everyone in the vicinity when driving past.

I recall that some of the complaints about the Teaser ads are that they are distracting. Hmm – try the row of 6/7 Triumph models for distraction compared to the single, small Teasers ad.

Comparing the Teasers ads and the Triumph ads from both a visual and copy perspective – they are very similar.

So the real issue with all the complaints to the ASA is actually the product being advertised – and not the advert itself. Its time for the public to stop being prudes (hoping that their partners are not regulars at the pole palaces) – and try out some consistency.

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