Must Have Extensions for a Firefox Newbie (and some features)

For new Firefox users, or for existing Firefox users that have been using it like IE.

Tabbed Browsing
Probably the most significant feature that allows use of just a single browser window, but with the ability to have a number of ‘tabs’ open with different websites being displayed. The trick? Press CTRL T.

All these Extensions are from the Mozilla (custodian of Firefox) site. All links go the the relevant page within the Mozilla site.

Mouse Gestures

The ability to control navigation and actions using gestures made by your mouse. The most user – back, forward, refresh, new tab, new window. All by using the right button on your mouse.

Get Mouse Gestures at from Optimoz or All-in-One by Marc Boullet

Foxy Tunes
Play music and have access to your controls like play, stop, pause, next, volume, playlist, etc from the bottom of your browser screen.

Get bopping with Foxy Tunes

Forecast Fox
International weather reports and 3 day forecasts – with the option to select a number of cities/towns. Also gives thumbnail satellite imagery for each selected city. Severe weather warnings are useful if you live somewhere other than Johannesburg.

Be safe, warm and cool with Forecast Fox.

Bookmarks Synchroniser
A recent addition for me. I’m becoming more reliant on my Bookmarks and fear 2 things. Losing them, or not being able to access them when I’m not on my laptop. This app creates an online account that synch’s your bookmarks and makes them available online – from any machine. Neat.

Synch is here.

I have been banging on about this extension in previous posts – so, here goes again. If you blog (and especially if you have a number of blogs across different platforms) – you can now manage all your posts (amongst other things) without visiting any of the sites.

One of the key things here is the time it saves when using a blogging platform that is hosted in the States. WordPress can be tediously slow when using SA bandwidth.

Try it out here.

Also, see Mozilla’s Recommended Extensions
Most Popular as determined by number of downloads.
Top Rated Extensions as rated by the public.

Got in my post for the day. I’ll look through the rest of my extensions and have a Version 2 of this post in the next week or so.

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