A Post a Day

Once you decide to start a blog, there is always the ‘new-blog euphoria’ with lots of posts and lots of enthusiasm. It then becomes something that can become tedious if you don’t make that concerted effort to keep it up.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to have ‘A Post a Day’. If Dana Hanna can do ‘An App a Day’ – then surely I can find something meaningful and interesting to say every day.

What this also does is changes the way you think about stuff during a day. Sort of like making you find meaning in the mundane, being constructively critical where you’d normally just bitch about something, make links between seemingly unrelated things – you get the message.

So this is not my post for today. There’ll be another one later. Also – having Performancing to write and mangage posts with/from makes it all a whole lot easier.

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