A couple of things

Its been a while. Lots happening. Lots of things to chat about, try out.

Bloggers Help – Performancing

Lets start with Performancing – its a great Firefox Extension that enables you to blog from within the browser environment – without having to visit your blog itself. Its especially useful of you have a number of blogs across different blogging platforms. I’m using it for the first time to write this post (as you can see with their tag below).

I found it when looking for new Extensions – it was one of the ‘must haves’ at Getfirefox.com. I’m starting to think there is a limit to the number of extensions that can be installed. Recently started getting Firefox freezing on me and having to restart my machine.

How to and not to do customer service
On Friday evening, I get an SMS from Nashua Mobile saying – ‘… please note that MTN 3G services will be affected (down) this weekend’.

Well done Nashua for letting us know. Better late than never I suppose.

Not well done to MTN for taking the 3G network down for 2 days. If I relied on MTN 3G for my business, I would have been seriously annoyed. Also – I’d have thought that MTN should have let their 3G customers (think early adopters, think high ARPU, think tech savvy, etc) know sooner than the day before. All this as MTN is voted as favourite 3G service! Hmm.

powered by performancing firefox

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