When the simplest things can be the smartest

The trend continues. Great products + slick marketing. But wait, there’s more – Samsung has done something really smart in their latest range of phones (called the Ultra range). In addition to being extremely thin, they have a sneaky little feature that is perfect, perfect, perfect for the South African market.

This feature is called U-Track, and this is what it does. When you set up your phone for the first time – you enter the cellphone numbers of 2 friends/family members into the U-Track config menu. When your phone gets nicked, lifted, jacked or liberated by a scumbag – its highly likely that quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, that a new simcard will be put into the phone.

First thing the phone (U-Track) does is SMS’s your 2 mates with the cellphone number of the new SIM thats in the phone – and it does it for all future simcards that are entered. Without the new phone ‘owner’ ever knowing. How cool is that!

A great example of a smart solution to a big problem – and its so simple.

Have a look at the D900 here.

2 responses to “When the simplest things can be the smartest

  1. I thought about this for about 5 seconds… and realized, what if you insert a simcard without airtime?
    I guess they could retry the sending until it works…

    But criminals would probably get the phone “format”‘d or “flash’d” to wipe it clean. Wonder how permanent that U-track is? I mean what happens when you sell the phone? Password perhaps.

  2. Good point.

    I think that many SIMs that have ‘no’ airtime actually cents left over – but not enough to make another call. Hopefully just enough to send an SMS….

    I’ll find out about U-Track.

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